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From minor modifications, such as color changing of flowers or leaves, to the new bespoke item, we have helped over the years hundreds of brides from all over the world to create the accessory of their dreams and make their wedding day even more special.

Here is a gallery of personalized and bespoke accessories that we have created over the years for #elibrerealbrides and useful ideas if you are a future bride-to-be and are looking for your dream accessory.

the accessory of your dreams

Find out how simple it is with our 5 steps customize or create your dream accessory with us.

A unique and special piece, a precious memory over time.

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Our useful tips

How to match accessories and hairstyles

Discover the tips for combining accessories with the main hairstyles and being splendid on your wedding day.

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Fermaglio Fiori di ciliegio
How to wear hair accessories

Like all self-respecting masterpieces, you will find useful suggestions to help you best preserve all Elibre's handcrafted hair accessories and jewels.

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gold or silver? discover the best finish for you

When choosing your wedding or formal dress, it is important to know which finish is best suited to match the colors of your dresses.

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