La tua guida all'acquisto online degli accessori da sposa

Your guide to buying bridal accessories online

Buying your wedding hair accessories online are most of the time a difficult choice both for the wide selection of items offered and for the multitudes of hairstyles that can be created making it difficult to choose the hairstyle that perfectly matches the face and to the wedding dress.

After a decade in the wedding industry it has become a mission for me to give a complete experience to all brides by giving help and honest support in choosing bridal hair accessories.

Follow my best tips for online shopping and discover below a practical guide to buying your wedding accessories online.


Choosing your wedding hairstyle

Researching the bridal hairstyle for your wedding is an important part of the planning process, and knowing where to start can be tricky.

Focus on the features to highlight so you can narrow your search right from the start. Think about the shape of your face and your wedding dress and decide which features you want to emphasize.

Consider which hairstyle you'd rather wear - would you feel comfortable wearing a soft crop or a semi-crop? long wavy hair or a trace that falls to one side? Also, talk to your trusted hairdresser who knows you and knows the type of your face. If you still have any doubts you can contact me for a personalized consultation via video call or chat.


Accessori per capelli da sposa | Gioielli artigianali - Elibre handmade


The combination with the wedding dress

Another key point is the combination of hairstyle and wedding dress. If a dress has a deep neckline or uncovered shoulders, a semi-crop could be a solution to "cover" areas that would remain very uncovered.

Or if you have a wedding dress with more high-necked sleeves or neckline or a very worked bodice, you can gather your hair to emphasize the details of the dress.


Know the details of the accessories

The descriptions of the accessories you find here on the website help you understand exactly what you are buying and make sure you know all the details. This will give you a clear understanding of the measurements, materials used and will give you an indication of how it is worn.

Furthermore, I am very attentive to the comfort of every accessory I create and the lightness and moldability is an essential part of it so with great confidence I can assure you that you will never want to take off your Elibre accessory!


Accessori capelli sposa | Elibre handmade fatti a mano 

Understanding the dimensions of the accessories

When you order your Elibre accessory, you purchase a standard model with the dimensions you find on each product sheet. In addition, each accessory has a proposal to wear and how it was designed to be worn so as to have an idea of the measures. 

You can request to make your accessory with custom sizes simply by contacting us or by entering the measurements in the 'message to the seller' at check-out.


Be yourself!

It will seem like a cliché and banal sentence but it is the true essence of happiness. 
Always do what makes you feel good, use your instincts and always be yourself.

Feeling comfortable in what you wear positively transmits your image to the people around you and your smile will be the first among the most important accessories to wear on your big day. 


Gioielli per capelli sposa | Elibre Handmade 

Personalized advice? contact me!

If you need targeted and personalized advice, don't worry, I'm here to help!

Contact me to get all the information and clarifications on doubts you may have, I will help you choose your accessory, hairstyle or your look that celebrates your personal style. I invite you to share your photos of the dress, hairstyles, wedding moods, color palettes or inspirations and anything else that will help you feel at ease in deciding on the accessory of your dreams.

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