How to wear

bridal hair accessories

Are you looking for a bridal hair accessory for your big day? First of all, congratulations on your engagement! You should know that in the magical world of accessories there is a large range of pieces designed for various types of hairstyles.

Some accessories are made and fixed on metal bases, for example hairpins and combs, if very decorated, are fixed on toothed combs to be fixed more firmly to the hairstyle. Hair crowns and tiaras can have a metal headband base or a thick, moldable wired base with ribbon ends to tie at the base of back head.

There are some exceptions that we deliberately leave free from any base that can weigh down the accessory and which we will see in more detail below.

How to wear


In the case of our headpieces, especially those with a crescent shape, they are deliberately made without the addition of any comb due to its lightweight they give greater freedom of movement and absolute comfort.

They also give the possibility of being worn freely in the hairstyle, both with the terminal tips pointing upwards and downwards, not possible with a comb base applied.

Regardless of the wearing method you choose, attaching it to the hairstyle will be really easy and quick, even if I would wear the wedding veil.


  1. What you will need are two U-shaped hairpins of the color of your hair and identify the most suitable position for your hairstyle (A third hairpin may be necessary on very long vines).
  2. Once you have positioned the headpiece in your hair, insert the U shaped pin, one on each side, 1-2 cm from the ends of the headpiece.

If you will be wearing a veil, you can secure it before or after attaching the headpiece to your hairstyle. Below you will find how we apply it to the hairstyle.

How to wear

hair vines

The hair vines we create have various lengths and with different types of workmanship. As with the headpieces mentioned above, we also pay particular attention to comfort for any hair vine and you will be amazed for their lightness and complete moldability when you have them in your hands.

This will allow you to easily and simply apply a band or vine to your hair, thus creating a personalized hairstyle based on your needs for an perfect and highly effective result.

tralcio fiori frangipane e trifogli

the method

  1. All that is needed to apply a hair vine or hair band are the classic bobby pins easily available in different shades of hair color. You will need 2 or 3 bobby pins depending on the length of the vine.
  2. After identifying and positioning the hair vine in your hair, you can secure it with bobby pins at the ends and, on longer vines, in a third central point.

If you will be wearing a veil, you can secure it before or after attaching the piece to your hairstyle. Below you will find how we apply it to the hairstyle.

How to wear

the wedding veil

If you wear a wedding veil, combined with hair accessories, it is possible to apply it both initially and after the application of a headpiece, hairpin or hair vine and you can remove it at the end of the ceremony without ruining your hairstyle.

Our method

  • For accessories fixed before, you can add the veil by lifting the comb and gently inserting your wedding veil, then adjusting the elements of your accessory if necessary.
  • for accessories fixed after the veil, add your headpiece, hair comb or hairpins in the favorite part of the hairstyle, then modeling the various branches and elements.
  • After the wedding celebration and photography shoot, the bridal veil is usually removed to be able to move freely during party. All you need to do is lift your headpiece or comb a few centimeters to delicately remove the wedding veil and readjust your accessory back to its original position.

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