gold or silver?

the right color to choose

After choosing your wedding dress, another important step is choosing the perfect color finish to match perfect both dress color and bridal accessories. The choice of hair accessory and jewelry such as bracelets, earrings or bracelets with a gold or silver base must be well thought out in order to create an harmonious and balanced total look.

The color finishes can be differentiated into two big categories: warm colors and cold colours.

warm tones

In questa categoria troviamo l'oro, il brunito, l'ottone ed il rame.

cold tones

In questa categoria sono presenti l'argento, il rodio e l'oro rosa.

warm tones

The most used finishes in the warm color categories is undoubtedly the shade of gold. A great classic, timeless color that remains the most used in the choice of accessories and jewelry for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Dress color match

Dresses that have colors with a hint of yellow inside, tending towards a warm tone are more easily appreciated with accessories in these finishes.

The colors of the most suitable wedding and formal dresses are mainly all tones of ivory, cream, beige and powder pink.

accessories in warm tones

forcine foglie e fiori di perle

cold tones

The most used color finish of the cold shades is silver, with its lunar and mysterious glows gives, in combination with the crystals, extreme elegance and refinement to the bride.

Rose gold and Rhodium colors, less popular finishes than silver, are two shades of character, which help to give a special extra touch to the bride who loves to be bold and unconventional.

Dress color match

All these cold finishes easily match all the dresses that have a hint of blue inside which gives a cold shade.

The most suitable colors for wedding and formal dresses are mainly white pure white, optical white, all the cold shades of gray, light blue and shades of baby pink.

accessories in cold tones

wedding pearled flower hair crown | Elibre handmade

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