If you are a bride-to-be, you've probably heard of the tradition that comes from an ancient English rhyme "something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky coin in your shoe" ("Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in your Shoe "). The "old" object would be a protection for an unborn future. The "borrowed" item from another happy bride also brings good luck. The color "blue" is a sign of fidelity, purity and love. A sixpence coin is a symbol of prosperity (a British custom).

The classic accessory with blue details that is donated or bought and very much in vogue is the garter. But we wanted to create delightful alternatives to the now-too-seen bridal garters with original hair accessories with blue and light blue details. Something unique and special to wear while keeping tradition alive.

These are our TOP 5 blue accessories we've made and are a refined addition to your bridal look.




A very delicate and lovely addition if you are looking for something to adorn a crop or chignon are these floral hairpins with a really elegant and refined touch and an alternative to the classic hairpins with white details.

When we created these bobby pins we were inspired by forget-me-not flowers, we wanted something truly feminine, with a unique design and were looking for the WOW factor to add.

The color of these enameled flowers was created after several tests because we wanted it to be a delicate blue. And the result has greatly satisfied us.

Enriched with pearls and crystals that give the final touch, they have been transformed into a refined jewel that enhances a romantic hairstyle. It is today one of our favorite pieces ever.


Forget me not hair pins | Elibre

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2 - Delicate flower clip

If you need a breathtaking addition that is a sight to behold, this hair clip is what you need. This luxuriantly blooming comb is a truly feminine accent in a collected hairstyle where, with the addition of a sophisticated bridal veil it becomes a dream complement.

We looked for something new, a fresh and modern interpretation and a valid alternative to the fresh flower that can wither after a few hours of use. A new way to wear nature in your hair and a jewel that will last over time.

Each individual petal was handcrafted and painted in shades from white to light blue with golden details. The addition of some very airy and moldable climbing twigs enriched with green leaflets gave a botanical look with a touch of nature in your hair.

 Delightful blue flower hair comb | Elibre

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3 - Crown of pastel crystals


Delicate colors combined with a mix of crystal sprigs characterize this magical crown of hair. The combination of clear crystals, blush pink and light blue crystal beads, which gently fade from side to side, has become a pastel rainbow of true delicacy and beauty.
A sophisticated new way to wear muted hair colors that go well with white, pastel pink or powder blue wedding dresses. A magical and dreamy jewel that thanks to its lightness and flexibility can also be worn on the back hairstyles.


Magical pastel crystal hair crown | Elibre handmade

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4 - Violet and clover comb

A fusion of botanical elements such as clovers, pansies and small flowers give life to a comb full of details and an out of the ordinary appearance.

Our pansy flowers, which have now become a symbol of our brand, are entirely handmade in our studio and painted in shades of white, lilac and blue.

The crystals and brilliant details give the jewel touch that illuminates and makes this comb precious in your hair. And you will look like a delightful wood nymph.

Pansy and clover hair comb | Elibre handmade



5 - Pink and blue comb

We wanted to capture the essence of a spring garden with its delicate tones of blue, pink and gold along with details of flora and fauna.

An enameled blue crystal butterfly peeks out from lush blush pink flowers and a ceramic flower all handcrafted and molded giving a lush feel while maintaining a small size.

A fairy and enchanting world where nature is the protagonist where we wanted to give the idea of being immersed in a garden. This comb is the perfect addition to a garden wedding or a pastel colored wedding and thanks to its light weight it can be worn on side hairstyles behind the ear, on wavy or semi-gathered hairstyles.

Garden blue & pink hair comb | Elibre handmade




Have we intrigued you with our 5 best blue accessories? take a look at the other accessories in the collection we have made or contact us if you want a personalized and exclusive accessory made to measure for you ..


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