Sometimes it is difficult to extricate themselves in the world of bridal veils so here below I have created a little guide that would be a help to take you between the various types of wedding veils, colors and quality used in Elibre's veils. If any doubt remains feel free to contact us at for personal advice based on your needs.


 Veil length guide

To help all the future brides-to-be in the choice of a wedding veil I have design this scheme with the most common veil lengths used in collection and can be available or requested in shop. All the Elibre bridal veils can be realized in any lengths you need. 

Veil color and quality guide

Another important point on the choice of the right veil regards the qualities and colors. Here below you will find the different kinds of veil quality and colors used on Elibre collections. It's possible to purchase veil swatches prior to order your wedding veil to be sure will match your wedding dress and will be the quality and color that you love. 




Tulle veil Fabric 
The classic tulle veil with a crispy hand, it falls in a medium draping and it's made of 100% nylon
Available in two colors : Ivory and White
For bridal veil: Style 106






Illusion tulle veil Fabric 
The illusion tulle veil have a soft hand, similar to silk, it falls in soft gossamer draping and it's made of 100% nylon.
Available in four colors : White, Ivory, Cream and Vanilla.
For bridal veils: Style 102 - Style 104 - Style 105 - Style 107 - Style 108 




Point d'esprit veil Fabric 
The point d'esprit veil have a soft hand, it falls in soft draping and it's made of 100% cotton.
Available in one color : Ivory