The materials

Attention to detail starts from the selection of materials and the quality of an accessory is very important to us. Behind every accessory there are always high quality materials to be able to offer you a handcrafted product that you can wear on many occasions and will be a reminder of the best moments.

Freshwater pearls

They come from nature, easily found in ponds, lakes, rivers and other freshwater areas. Due to its natural origin have frequently irregular shapes in small or medium dimensions, are durable and have an elegant glow. Those chosen for our accessories come from a small family-run company where their cornerstones are sustainability and ethics.

Good to know, pearl is a US birthstone for June, together with alexandrite and moonstone.

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Brass metal

Is a metallic alloy made of copper and zinc with a bright, gold-like appearance and is relatively resistant to tarnishing. With the passage of time can assume a darker patina or it can form stains due to a natural process and it is a characteristic of this metal. You can prevent this form of aging by cleaning with soft cloth all the brass elements and keep away from humidity enclosing the accessories in the box we supplies . 



We use two kinds of crystals, Swarovski® crystals and glass crystals.

The first one, Swarovski®, is known throughout the world for the brilliance of its crystals and the top quality used. With the generic 'crystal' word used within our descriptions, we mean a high-quality and brightness glass crystal although less than Swarovski® quality.


Lace fabrics

The most loved and used fabric from brides all over the world, synonymous of refinement, delicacy and romance. Used mainly for wedding dresses and complements, they are also used for bridal veils and hair accessories.

The lace fabrics used in our collections are esclusively 100% manufactured in Italy and France ( Chantilly and Alençon laces ), their compositions can vary between each lace and can be made of cotton and nylon. Features of Chantilly lace are extremely light and delicate, Alençon lace are more elaborate and richly detailed.   

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Pearl beads

With the word 'pearl', different from freshwater pearl and mentioned in our listing, are intended for faux high quality pearl beads made of glass material. We use this kind of pearls because they keep a higher brightness than plastic pearls and are more resistant.


Tulle veils

All our wedding veils are made of nylon tulle quality 100% manufactured in Italy.

We use two different quality of tulle veil, the classic tulle veil and illusion tulle veil. The first one fall in voluminous drapes thanks to its cripsy hand. The second one is soft and sheer which can be compared to silk and fall in more compact draping.  

Both qualities comes in a variety of colors and to facilitate the choice that perfectly matches your wedding dress we have the color card samples that will help you.

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Polymer clay

Is a syntetic ceramic, very malleable and modelable and perfect material we use to create our handmade flowers. Each flower and element are modeled by hand and may differ from the original shown due to its artisan origin and gives to the accessory an authentic value. Polymer clay has a medium resistance and we suggest to handle any accessories with care to avoid any itching or damages.


General information

We spend time and money to look for quality materials to offer you and we ensure that any material used matches our high standards.
To extend the quality and ensure a long life of your Elibre accessory we suggest you to handle it with care and store it in the box we supplied so you will have accessory 'as new' for future years to come. 



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