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Sometimes it is difficult to extricate themselves in the world of bridal veils due to wide typology of lengths, quality and colors. Our little guide would be a help to take you between the various types of wedding veils used in Elibre's collection. If you need personal advices feel free to write us at


We carry different tipology of tulle that make up our wedding veils. Every tulle quality can be used in any veil style in shop to create your personalized style. We offer veil color swatches in different quality of tulle fabrics, allowing you to touch quality and colors used in our collections prior to purchase your wedding veil.
made in Italy product and made of 100% Nylon.
Have a soft hand, similar to silk and it falls in soft gossamer draping.
Available in four colors: white, ivory, cream, vanilla.
Veil color swatches | Illusion tulle quality | Elibre handmade

Made in Italy product and made of 100% Nylon.
Have a crisp hand and it falls it falls in a medium draping.
Available in three colors: white, blush, ivory.
Bridal veil samples | Classic tulle quality | Elibre handmade
Made in France product and made of 100% Cotton.
Have a silky hand and it falls in a soft gossamer draping.
Available in ivory.
Veil color card swatches | Point d'esprit tulle quality | Elibre handmade

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These are all standard lengths used in our wedding veil collections and other custom lengths are available by contacting us at

Wedding veil Length guide | Elibre handmadeHere's there are some examples of short, medium and long wedding veils.


Bridal blusher veil with crystals | Elibre handmade


Bridal blusher veil with silk flowers | vintage inspired | Elibre handmade

Drop bridal veil | Elibre handmade

Circle blusher wedding veil | Elibre handmade

Lace bridal veil | Mantilla veil | Elibre handmade
Long bohemian wedding veil | Elibre handmade

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