New modern something-blue accents



If you're a future bride you probably hear about this tradition that comes from an Old English rhyme "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in your Shoe".

The old item provided protection for the baby to come. The item borrowed from another happy bride provided good luck. The colour blue was a sign of fidelity, purity and love. A sixpence coin was a symbol of prosperity ( a British custom).

If you search an alternative for your something blue touch I have create a line of accessories that differ from the usual while keeping alive the tradition. Take a look to our selection of blue pieces.


 A blue accented floral crown

Our richly adorned hair crown is hand painted by hand in soft green shades as real leaves, adding sparkling crystal charms and bright freshwater pearls to give a jeweled touch to the entire piece. The flowers have a darker blue shade center that lightens outwards to give a more natural effect and the overall look in the hair is a bohemian real-like floral crown.

something blue hair crown | Elibre handmade  Floral something blue hair crown | Elibre handmade

Flower light blue hair crown | Elibre handmade

Wedding floral blue hair crown | Elibre handmade

Bridal boho flower hair crown | Elibre handmade

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Delicate forget-me-not hairpin

If you are searching something to adorn a bun or up-do hairstyle this floral hairpin is a lovely addition. I was inspired to forget-me-not flowers when I created this piece and enriched with pearls and crystals are turned into a refined jewelry that accomplish and enhance a romantic hairstyle. I admitt that is one of my favorite pieces from the new collection.


Bridal forget me not hairpin | Elibre handmade

Bridal blue hair pin

Wedding blue flower hairpiece
Blue floral hair pins | Elibre handmade

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Bohemian dotted blue hair chain

For a boho-inspired look, easy to wear also on loose hair and wearable in many occasion after the big day ( perfect for summer festivals!) is this hair chain in 39.4" / 1 meter long. It's blue crystals oval-shaped, crystal and rosette charms along a dotted gold plated chain enrich with simplicity your hair.     


Bridal blue crystal hair chain | Elibre handmade

bohemian crystal hair chains | Elibre handmade

Wedding crystal hair chain

Wedding boho hair chains | Elibre handmade

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 [ photo credit: M.Elena Segatini , Elibre ]


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