Browsing the web in search of the perfect wedding hair accessory has become frustrating especially when you find more hair jewelry to love or conversely some pieces that don't go well with your wedding dress.

The customization service is something that can really help you create the accessory and jewelry of your dreams and this was the case with an Italian bride who contacted us to create something unique and special for her.


The details
The bride contacted us writing her tastes. She loves the blush pink colors that go with her rosy wedding dress and in addition she likes sparkling elements to be able to highlight her wedding hairstyle at its best but without overloading it too much.


Wedding pink headpiece
bridal hair vine in pink


The elements

We brought her some delicate elements like powder pink freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals that have all the sparkle for a refined addition.

The materials we select and choose to use are always of high quality for all our accessories both because they have great resistance and allow us to create models built to last over time and for the light and brilliance they emanate.

Natural pearls and swarovski crystals have an incomparable light that others do not have and this determines the final result, the glow of your accessory will be much brighter when you wear it in your hair. 

pearl and crystal pink headband
The final result

We opted for a super light and modelable hair branch, an absolute comfort to be worn from day to all night, easily modeled in the hairstyle chosen by the bride, a wavy unkempt crop, in order to accentuate it without overloading the whole look.

Thanks to its small side rings it is easy to hold in place with small hairpins and if you choose the change of look after the ceremony, this branch has the versatility to be worn in different ways (as a crown in front or back on wavy hair).  

Look in the collection of ours crowns to look for inspiration and elements you would like to add to your special bespoke accessory.


bridal crystal halo


Interested in a custom accessory?
You can write to us for more information and help in creating your own clip, jewel O hair accessory, you can send us photos of your favorite dress and hairstyle, together we will create the accessory of your dreams. 


Su misura

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