Petite guide: Silver vs Gold accessories

June 14, 2017

Is a question that comes to me frequently, the important choice of silver rather that gold or vice versa as finishing touches for all the accessories worn by the bride. To help clarify any doubt that may be I have given some personal advice to those still undecided about the color to wear.

No matter if you are future bride, a bridesmaid or simply a wedding guest, after the choice of your dress you can follow the below charts for choose the right finishing. And If the dress are embroidered or printed I suggest to follow the main color or the color that catch your eyes most.


WARM TONES                                                      COLD TONES


Warm tones



Gold accessories included jewelry suit a large variety of color dresses with warm tones such as all the shades of:
    • warm whites ( cream, egg, vanilla...)
    • pinks (blush, pale pink, fuxia...)
    • reds( coral, magenta, Valentino red..)
    • greens (pale green, pistachio, greenery, emerald , turquoise..)
    • browns (champagne, beige, chocolate, tan..)    
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    Cold tones


    Silver accessories and jewelry match well dresses with cold tones such as tones of:
            • white and optic white
            • blue ( royal, marine, sky blue...)
            • grey and silver
            • black 
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    Need more help? receive personal advice regards you're best accessories choice, contact us at:

     xoxo, Elisa



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