Introducing: ‘the flora collection' for 2017

December 05, 2016

Introducing: ‘the flora collection' for 2017

A bride becomes ‘the bride’ when she has an accessory that frames and adorns the face, that emphasizes and enhances the natural beauty without overloading or covering it. This is my vision that I have for 'the bride' and based on this I developed my new 2017 collection, called ‘the flora collection’

Through the years I have always appreciated the botanical theme, which takes me back to my happy childhood in touch with nature, and is no exception with this new collection inspired by the richly spring blooming gardens revisited in fresh modern key, very delicate and ethereal.


All styles are different and refreshingly versatile to be worn in various ways and every bride can find her own personal inspiration of wear, no matter the wedding dress or theme.The different types of elements such as enameled flowers, crystals and golden leaves, blossoming twigs and intricately beaded designs are interlaced together to get the most feminine and sophisticated additions.


Something I love in particular and that'll go proud is that all our pieces are designed and artisan made in Italy in our studio, from scratch, with new and old techniques and everyone taken care from start to finish through the entire process for ensure quality and attention starting from the smallest detail.

A novelty of this collection is that most of the designs will be ready to ship in 3-5 days, so combined with express shipment is possible to receive a piece in about six-eight days worldwide, the ideal choice for the last minute bride or upcoming trials.

I’ve been so excited to officially share the new 2017 collection with you, take a tour through all the new designs and I hope you’ll love this collections as much as I do.

Xoxo , Elisa

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