Care Tips | How to keep your accessories


All the products we design and create in our Italian studio are carefully made by hand with fine artisan craftsmanship and particular attention on quality and details, an investment that need to be preserve as memento to cherish for years to come. 
What need to do for keep them as beautiful as once you receive it the first time? Here's you find a list by type of accessories with some useful suggestions to help you to preserve your accessory(s) beautiful as left my studio.

All my pieces arrive beautifully packed in strong box and suede pochette to preserve them away from dust and direct sunlight and can be easily kept them when you have your hair and dress trials.


Bridal pansy flower hairpins | Elibre handmade


Wedding veils

The wedding veil is a symbol of wedding and with its soft sheer fabrics give all the daintiness and romance to the bride. The veil fabrics, usually made by silk or nylon, have need to be handled with some care to avoid ripping or holes.

Once you receive your veil the best solution is to hang it up so can loose naturally the wrinkles formed during the trip. If remain some wrinkles can be removed with stem but pay attention to the hot iron that can damage the fabric or discolor it. 

If all this options are not possible you can hang next to the shower and leaving open the boiling water so the steam that will go up, smooth all the remaining wrinkles. But attention must be only in case of emergency because the water is very precious and is good to preserve it!


Bridal blush veil for wedding | Elibre handmade


Hair adornments - belts

In general all the accessories have a good resistance to manipulation and a special care are needed to the ones that have crystals for avoid loosing stones.

Keeping them away from humidity, hair spray and lotions avoid tarnishing metal elements. Put them away in our box when not in use to preserve beautifully as left our studio.


Bridal Hair Accessories & Jewelry | Elibre handmade


If you will follow this simple tips you're sure to preserve them for many many years to come as beautiful as the first day when you received them.



Our handmade earrings, carefully made by hand, need a place of honor to be able to keep them at their best and where to store them if not in these beautiful antique pink suede pochette. A soft and practical bag with our embossed logo where you can keep our earrings and all the little and precious treasures that keep memories.


Bridal pearl earrings | Elibre handmade


Chat to our stylist
Need more helpful tips for keep your accessories at best? Chat with our stylist and have futher help for a beautiful long-lasting accessory.   



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